When did you teach at Harlaxton? What courses did you teach?

I have taught at Harlaxton twice: in Spring 2011 and Fall 2017. I offered various political science courses including World Politics, Intro to International Relations, European Politics, and Comparative Politics Seminar.

What is unique about teaching at Harlaxton?

Teaching at Harlaxton is an enjoyable experience because I get to work with UE students in a new environment. I also get to teach students from different universities from all over the United States.

How did Harlaxton become a home for you and your students?

I’ve had the privilege of making new friends and exploring British and European culture. Faculty and staff can connect and learn together. After spending a semester here, you’ll find yourself wanting to go back.

How did you see students’ lives change during their time at Harlaxton?

I saw my students grow not only in the classroom, but also in the greater, more global world. Some lessons are better learned outside of an academic setting, and Harlaxton provides both an education and real-world experiences. Students can explore, travel, and immerse themselves in a culture and history different from their own.

Do you have any advice for future Harlaxton students?

Studying abroad at Harlaxton is an incredible opportunity. I highly encourage students to take the chance of exploring and learning about a different country and culture. It’ll open your mind to new ideas and opportunities.

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