When did you attend Harlaxton?

Fall 1987.

Did you have any unique experiences during your time at Harlaxton?

When I was at Harlaxton, I took an independent study course with Pamela Tudor-Craig, Lady Wedgwood. During the course, she gave me a tour of the Society of Antiquaries and arranged for me to have a private tour of the Tower of London before it opened to the public for the day and a tour of the storerooms of the Museum of London. During the course of study, I began to research the baptismal font in the Harlaxton village church and in the early 1990s, I presented a paper on the baptismal font and the village's ties to the House of York at the International Congress on Medieval Studies.

Towards the end of the semester, I created a video of the manor along with interviews with several of the students. I still have a copy and at one time sent a copy to Evansville, which may still be in their collection.

A couple years ago, I published a short story set in Harlaxton.

Does Harlaxton still feel like a second home? Have you returned since studying abroad?

It does and I consider it one of my favorite places on Earth. I made my first return on July 4, 2017, and spent a night at the manor. My wife, who was back in the states when I attended, but who I was dating at the time, commented after visiting that despite the 30 years of hype, the manor surpassed all her expectations.

Do you have a favorite trip from your time at Harlaxton?

All of the trips I made from Harlaxton have moments that raise parts of them to favorite status. I'm not sure if I could choose just one. I made trips to Wales, London, Canterbury, Penzance, York, Lincoln, Italy, Russia, Israel, and more.

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