When did you attend Harlaxton?

Fall 1996

Did you have any unique experiences during your time at Harlaxton?

I sang in the Harlaxton College Choir and had a Meet-A-Family.

Does Harlaxton still feel like a second home? Have you returned since studying abroad?

It does! I have taken a friend to Harlaxton when I was in graduate school (1999); we visited the manor and Marjorie and Gordon Ranson, my Meet-A-Family. Also, as a study abroad advisor, I advised a student from Bowling Green State University to Harlaxton College.

Do you have a favorite trip from your time at Harlaxton?

I really enjoyed going to Ireland and Scotland with Harlaxton College. With a group of friends, I visited Switzerland and that was fantastic.

Did your time at Harlaxton have any influence on your future? Was it a life-changing experience?

As a first-generation college student who had not traveled internationally, studying at Harlaxton was indeed life-changing. I returned to UE and did a practicum with the Harlaxton College office. I chose to study higher education administration in order to be a study abroad advisor and/or international student advisor. I’ve been working in international education for 20 years now and about 3.5 of them were at UE as the director of international student services and activities.

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