When and what did you teach at Harlaxton?

Fall 2005: ART220 Drawing, ART 340 Painting, and ART 105 Introduction to the Visual Arts
Fall 2017: ART 200 Introduction to Studio Art, ART 220 Drawing, and ART 105 Introduction to the Visual Arts

What is unique about teaching at Harlaxton?

When teaching at Harlaxton, it is a good idea to be flexible and take advantage of the place and its many unique features.

How did Harlaxton become a home for you and your students?

The art room became a place where students could go to work any time of day or night and helped students connect.

How did you see students’ lives change during their time at Harlaxton?

Because they had a great deal of freedom to work independently, some student work was drastically better by semester's end. The students encouraged each other to rise to levels that they never would have in a traditional classroom.

Do you have any advice for future Harlaxton students?

Even though the manor is a beautiful place, the greatest part of your experience at Harlaxton will be the many connections and friends you make. From them you will get the support and strength to adapt and thrive in this strange land.

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