Did you have any unique experiences during your time at Harlaxton?

As an older student, I think some of the professors at Harlaxton worried that I might be the odd one out, so they were kind enough to invite me to social gatherings. But I made many friends among the younger students - two who were art history majors. In the cities we visited together, Elizabeth, Katie, and I would search out every art gallery and cathedral we could find. I loved the energy of the young students, and though I sometimes had trouble keeping up, they pushed me to do more than I might ever have done on my own.

Does Harlaxton still feel like a second home? Have you returned since studying abroad?

Harlaxton definitely has a place in my heart as "home." There were many days when I would sit in the great hall and simply marvel at the architecture while enjoying a moment of sun on the marble floors. One of my favorite activities was wandering the grounds with my camera. I hope to take my niece to London in the future, and a side trip to Harlaxton is on the agenda.

Do you have a favorite trip from your time at Harlaxton?

As an English major, the trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon was a must. There is so much history and charm visiting Shakespeare's birthplace. We ended our outing at the theater watching a splendid performance of Much Ado About Nothing.

Did your time at Harlaxton have any influence on your future? Was it a life-changing experience?

As a much older student, my study abroad experience did not change my world view as much as it might someone less experienced, but it did confirm the idea that people are people everywhere you go. Our hopes and cares are familiar in every culture. The semester did spark a deep interest in continued world travel. I've been to three continents, now, and have vowed to visit three more.

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