Why did you choose to study at Harlaxton?

After coming to UE and learning about Harlaxton, I knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up, even if I wasn’t able to go for a full semester. The summer after my sophomore year, a course was offered that I needed in order to graduate, so it was an easy decision to attend.

Did you have a life-changing experience during your time at Harlaxton?

Studying abroad in general is a life-changing experience, but Harlaxton made my time overseas even more so. Having the opportunity to travel around Europe and firsthand experience new cultures, languages, and ways of life has made more aware of universal issues while giving me a greater sense of compassion and respect for many cultures I had never even considered before witnessing them firsthand. Harlaxton itself was a major contributor to this, as the course I took really opened my eyes to a variety of health care systems and issues all over the world, leading to many informative and eye-opening conversations with people in countries all over Europe. It was definitely a life-changing, unforgettable experience that wouldn’t have been possible without Harlaxton.

Based on your experience, what makes the Harlaxton program unique?

Comparing my study abroad experience with my friends from other schools, I am very thankful to have had Harlaxton. Being able to live in the manor with other students in the program was incredibly valuable. I loved being out of the busy cities during the week, while still having all the resources necessary to eat well, plan trips, and explore the English countryside and surrounding towns.

How has the manor become your second home?

The manor quickly became a second home for me and many of the other students in the program. It had everything we needed and gave us the ability to become closer to each other through walks through the grounds, exploration of the manor, and nights in the Bistro. Even though we only had five weeks in the manor, a lot of us made sure we got to spend one of our weekends staying in Harlaxton!

What advice do you have for any future Harlaxton students?

My biggest advice for future Harlaxton students would be to take chances and go outside your comfort zone! This is such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and you don’t want to miss incredibly meaningful experiences. Go to places that captivate you, even if you never expected to go! There’s no wrong way to travel, so don’t be afraid to stray outside the lines to make the most of your time!

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