When and what did you teach at Harlaxton?

I am truly grateful to have taught at Harlaxton during three separate semesters:
Spring 2007: PSYC 121 Introduction to Psychology, PSYC 357 Physiological Psychology, and PSYC 405 Special Topics: Human Sexuality
Spring 2014: PSYC 121 Introduction to Psychology, PSYC 357 Physiological Psychology, and PSYC 416 Human Sexuality
Spring 2018: PSYC 121 Introduction to Psychology, PSYC 259 Abnormal Psychology, and NEUR/PSYC 355 Sensation and Perception

What is unique about teaching at Harlaxton?

The schedule at Harlaxton is most certainly work hard/play hard. The first goal of study abroad is learning with a new mixture of students and faculty and in a new country. The second goal is to go out and explore England and other countries. It is wonderful to be able to blend these two goals by assigning trips that augment and enhance the classroom material. My classes have gone to several important spots in London as part of their classes. I was able to join trips assigned by faculty and learn about topics I don’t get to discuss in my typical classes.

How did Harlaxton become a home for you and your students?

Harlaxton has never had a grand ‘TADA’ moment when I knew it was home. It happens slowly. The dining schedule becomes a habit, the pattern of classes and travel balances with the timing of naps and downtime. Then it occurs to you, Harlaxton is your home! Our home!

How did you see students’ lives change during their time at Harlaxton?

Confidence, self-knowledge, self-assuredness, and self-efficacy grow by leaps and bounds. No matter where the student’s start on their personal journey, they make great strides during their time at Harlaxton.

Do you have any advice for future Harlaxton students?

Life is change, life is challenge, life is surprising, and Harlaxton makes sure you don’t miss any of these aspects of life. Open up to these changes, challenges, and surprises! They will bring you joy and enduring memories.

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