How did your time at Harlaxton impact your college studies and transform you?

I am now more open-minded when looking at global situations. While studying abroad during the pandemic, I became more adaptable to unexpected situations. This journey transformed my life in tremendous ways. I became more independent, had a greater desire to travel, and I realized how grateful I was for the opportunity. I also now have a greater appreciation for my friends and family since returning home.

What was your favorite thing about studying at Harlaxton?

The experiences that I know I wouldn't have ever got if I never studied abroad. I was able to learn about global business in Europe, and when I traveled on the weekend, I got to see these impacts of business in real-life. I was able to really immerse myself in the European culture while furthering my education. Our business class was able to create a business structure and events for the Bistro (cafe) in the downstairs of the manor. It was amazing to see the impact we left there.

Why do you recommend studying abroad?

You will become more independent and can travel the world while learning at the same time. By the end of my study abroad experience, I traveled by myself to Paris to meet up with my mom, and I had no issues. I became very independent during my time abroad. This experience has really helped me realize my love for travel. I saw 8 new countries through this experience.

How has the manor become your second home? Do you plan to return someday?

I absolutely loved Harlaxton. The exquisite rooms, amazing staff, and magical atmosphere were something unique. I was in awe every day that I got to live and study in the manor.

Do you have a favorite trip from your time spent abroad?

My mom was able to come to visit me both at Harlaxton and Paris, and we spent weekends at each. She was also amazed by the manor and its beauty. While she was there, we got to do so many amazing things together that I will cherish forever.

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