What made you choose to study at Harlaxton?

I have always wanted to go abroad. I liked the idea of a study abroad program so that I could really live abroad and not take off of school. I chose Harlaxton over other study abroad programs for three reasons. I wanted to live in a manor house (castle) in England. It felt more comfortable than other programs because I would be living with other American students. I also really liked the school trips they offered and the option to take pre-planned trips.

Did you have a life-changing experience during your time at Harlaxton?

I think the whole experience of Harlaxton taught me a lot about myself. I felt very strong and independent. I managed my money, made my schedule, and coordinated trips while still making straight A’s. I’ve struggled with self-confidence for a long time, and now I feel like I can do anything.

Based on your experience, what makes the Harlaxton program unique?

Have I mentioned living in a castle? The manor and the grounds are gorgeous, and getting to live there is such a unique experience. You make new memories in a place filled with history. Its amazing! It’s strange to live with your professors. But it’s also comforting to live with other American students. Sometimes you just need to dream about Oreos and Chick-fil-A with people who understand. It’s also really nice to have a home to return to after a long trip. I know the first sight of the manor after a full weekend of traveling was so comforting.

How has the manor become your second home?

I also took so many trips while I was there. It was always my place to return to. I have a place with people who care about me halfway across the world from where I was born. I made so many friends there and in Grantham. I will always remember them, and Harlaxton will always be my home.

What advice do you have for future Harlaxton students?

Don’t pack as many clothes as you think you should. Everyone will wear the same clothes every week. Also try to take an empty suitcase or duffel bag with you when you fly over to Harlaxton so that you will have an extra bag on the way back. Be sure to spend some weekends at the manor too.

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