When did you attend Harlaxton?

I attended in Spring of 2018.

What made you choose to study at Harlaxton?

I chose to study at Harlaxton because I have always been fascinated with England. It was the kind of fascination that wouldn’t be piqued just from visiting it within one week. The opportunity to spend an entire semester in England, let alone in a historic manor, was too good to pass up. Besides, being able to study abroad and still graduate in 4 years with a music degree made it more accessible!

Have you had a life-changing experience during your time at Harlaxton?

Indeed! I realized when I was over there that I was capable of making good decisions under duress. I was put in a lot of situations that made me uncomfortable at first thought. However, I became much more confident in myself and ended up inspiring others by the middle of the semester!

Based on your experience, what makes the Harlaxton program unique?

When I went, the program was unique in the sense that students could choose their own adventures. Certainly, some trips were required for various classes, but mostly, the weekends were free. Every student had the opportunity to make their experience the way they wanted. While some traveled to different countries in Europe every weekend, I took the opportunity to explore around England because I was so fascinated by what it had to offer besides the manor and the city of Grantham.

How has the Manor become your second home?

The manor itself hasn’t necessarily become my second home, but the English countryside surrounding it certainly has! Oftentimes when I am sad or stressed out, my mind returns to the rolling hills (and fog) around Harlaxton. The natural landscape has an ethereal quality to it that I have never seen anywhere else. Certainly, it is present in volumes of English literature, but reading descriptions of it is nothing like seeing the real thing!

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