When and what did you teach at Harlaxton?

I have had the good fortune of teaching at Harlaxton seven times. I teach EXSS 451, which is Sport Psychology and the London Olympics.

What is unique about teaching at Harlaxton?

Living in the manor itself is an incredible experience. Having the chance to spend a summer totally immersed in British culture and getting to know students from different universities is a wonderful experience. It’s also a unique opportunity to get to know UE students in a totally different atmosphere and setting. It allows students and faculty to connect and also to learn and grow together.

How did Harlaxton become a home for you and your students?

It is just that – it is a home. There is something intangible about Harlaxton that cannot be put into words. People talk about it being a “life-changing-experience” or a “once-in-a-lifetime-experience” or “something that I will never forget.” It is all of those things and more. Harlaxton does become “home” and both students and faculty want to return to the Harlaxton home upon leaving.

How did you see students’ lives change during their time at Harlaxton?

I see them grow in confidence. They become independent and do things that they probably never thought themselves capable of doing. They learn to navigate trains, buses, and airline flights. They learn how to communicate in different cultures and develop an appreciation for different cultures that they otherwise would never have cultivated.

Do you have any advice for future Harlaxton students?

Take advantage of every opportunity. Go on every cultural trip, learn from your British faculty. Push yourself to do things that are a little scary – you will impress yourself with what you can do. Grasp every opportunity and relish the Harlaxton Experience.

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