All participants on the Harlaxton program are covered by EIIA International Travel Insurance during their time abroad. Each student has access to this insurance information in their myHarlaxton application accounts. While this insurance covers medical emergencies, we still recommend getting in touch with your insurance provider to discuss your child’s coverage while they are abroad.


STEP (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program) is a great way for students to receive important updates and information on how to contact the nearest US Embassy or consulate if there were to be an incident in the country they are studying in. Parents also have the option of signing up with STEP to receive updates in the country where their child is studying abroad.


Scholarships can be incredibly helpful for students interested in going abroad abroad, and there are even some scholarships specific to studying abroad! You can check out this list of study abroad specific scholarships, and we also encourage doing some independent research. It also never hurts for students to talk to their home institution to see if they have any scholarships available to them.


There are several different ways to communicate with your child while they are abroad. Several apps like Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, and WeChat can help connect families in different countries. Even simple things like email and Facebook Messenger can be very easy and helpful ways to keep in touch. The important thing to remember is that communication will likely take a bit longer as students take time to get adjusted, figure out the best ways to stay in touch, and do their own adventuring.

Contacting the Manor

A frequently asked question we receive is how to get in contact with students while they are at the manor – whether that is through a telephone number or to send them mail. To see more information about how to contact the manor, you can view the Our Address page.