Faculty Handbook

This Faculty Handbook is a guide to academic life as conducted at Harlaxton College.

It will prove particularly useful to faculty members teaching at Harlaxton by providing a summary of what we are trying to achieve and how we work together to achieve it.

The Faculty Handbook which contains our academic policies and procedures has one goal in mind—that together we may achieve a high level of excellence in this distinctive learning environment.

Practical Tips

This Practical Tips for Visiting Faculty is a collection of “bits and bobs” which shares the experiences of others who have come before you and seeks to help you with what one writer has called “the daily bookkeeping of existence” in a sometimes-strange land.

Here you will find details of class schedules, office space, telephones, accommodation, health and various other services that will help make your and your family’s existence at Harlaxton College both comfortable and professionally and personally productive.

Faculty Meeting

Additional Resources

Teaching at Harlaxton