Residence Life

Students will have single rooms in the Manor or Carriage House. There are a small number of rooms that are available for double occupancy as they are large rooms normally designated for four students. If you would like to request to share with a friend, roommate or family member, please contact The following protocols will be followed.

General Social Distancing Guidelines

  • Social distancing guidelines will be implemented in all common area space and residential hallways in residence halls. Students are to follow all instructions regarding social distancing, including official floor decals that are used to designate socially-distanced spacing for individual offices and common area space in residence halls (i.e. lobbies, mailboxes and office windows, etc.).

  • The use of masks and facial coverings will be required, and students should maintain 6 feet of social (physical) distance from anyone they do not live with.

  • When travelling through small areas, including stairwells and elevators, students should consider going one at a time.

Common Area Lounges

  • The number of people in lounges at one time will be determined by square footage and will be posted at room entrances.

  • Furniture seating will be adjusted to encourage proper social distancing. Seating is limited to:
    • One person per chair
    • One person per loveseat
    • One person per sofa
  • Where necessary, some furniture will be placed in storage to reduce seating density.

  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitation protocols and overall hygiene practices will be enacted.

  • Cleaning and disinfectant supplies will be present in lounges for student use.

Laundry Rooms

  • Students should maintain 6 feet of social (physical) distance from anyone they do not live with. Given the size of the room, no more than three people should be using laundry machines at one time. The use of masks, facial coverings and social distancing principles apply.

  • Do not shake dirty laundry.

  • Laundry rooms will be cleaned daily by housekeeping staff. Cleaning supplies will be available for student use to wipe down touch points and surfaces as well.

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers will be available for student use.


  • Students have a personal sink in their rooms.

  • It is acceptable to not wear a mask at a bathroom sink or in the shower.

  • Bathrooms will be cleaned by housekeeping staff every day.


  • Elevator occupancy will be posted and will follow similar guidelines across campus. Generally, elevator occupancy is limited to one person or one roommate or family pair at a time.


  • Harlaxton will offer meal services in expanded times and locations to ensure social distance when serving and eating meals.

Harlaxton Lounge

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