Initial Quarantine

All faculty and students will complete a period of quarantine defined by Harlaxton. This quarantine period will last at least ten days as required by UK government. Should the UK lift the quarantine requirement, Harlaxton maintains the right to require quarantine.

Students will become one bubble unit within the manor, so the quarantine will allow students to spend time outdoors in a socially-distanced setting. Students are required to wear masks outside their dorm rooms unless they are eating or drinking.

The Manor and gardens will be divided into zones so that employees can continue their work and avoid contact with students. These zones will continue after quarantine and students must comply with off-limit zones.

Meals during and after quarantine will be offered at assigned times and socially distanced. Students will have limited interaction with the catering team to ensure safety for both parties.

Activities will be limited to socially-distanced activities and the sports hall will be open on a booking system only. These bookings must allow time for cleaning and will be limited.

Classes will start either virtually or in socially-distanced classrooms during the quarantine period.

Students will not be allowed to leave the manor grounds during the quarantine period. The only exceptions would be for medical care and must be approved by the principal. Any student who leaves the Manor grounds during quarantine will be dismissed from the program and subject to any actions from the UK government.

Harlaxton Manor

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