To ensure a safe and healthy learning environment, classes have been scheduled to allow for more frequent disinfecting. All classroom and lab space will be provided with disinfecting supplies for students and faculty to use between regular cleaning. Instructional spaces will be evaluated for maximum safe occupancy with masks, face coverings, and social distancing.

Rooms will be reduced to 75 percent occupancy for scheduled classes or less, with as many rooms as possible at a 50 percent occupancy. Masks or face coverings will be required during the class sessions. If a distance of 12 feet can be maintained from students, an instructor may use an approved face shield. Guidelines are referenced online. The University does not provide face shields.

Students who are ill or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should not attend class. Instructors will excuse absences incurred as a result of COVID-19 symptoms, self-isolation, or quarantine.

Classes will also be able to shift to a virtual platform and delivery in the case of a new lockdown or other measures.Classes may be held virtually if there are conditions that make it impossible to meet in person.


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