Student Life

Student Organizations

Students at Harlaxton can join traditional student organizations like the Feminists, Christian Fellowship, Harlaxton Players, and Harlaxton PRIDE–or, if they have a specific interest, they can create any new student group they like. Our organizations are typically student-led, though student development staff and faculty advisors are always available to help groups get up and running, with continued support offered throughout the semester. Students will have the chance to sign up for or create student organizations at orientation during our College Fair. They’ll also have the chance to consider other on-campus leadership and involvement opportunities like the Collegiate Choir, Art Club, music groups, Knitting Club, various sports teams, blogging, or the Yearbook Committee.

House Competitions

The House system is an integral part of life at Harlaxton College and aims to provide a sense of community and identity within each House that goes beyond students’ home campuses. House events run throughout the semester with points being awarded for each event or competition. Competitions/events fall into the categories of academic, athletic, creative, social, and other. The House with the most points at the end of the semester will win the overall House competition: The Manor Key!

Gregory House

Gregory has perhaps the most widespread interests: they can be scientists, artists, or diplomats. The ability to be many things at once can sometimes get them lost. However, those of Gregory are fierce and can find, or fight, their way out of the darkness.

Mercia House

Mercians are known for their honesty and ability to adapt. They are most comfortable in autumn, the very season of change. Do not forsake their honesty though; like their double-headed Eagle they can defend themselves quite well.

Newton House

Known for their war cry, Newton is not a house to be tampered with. With exceptional war strategy and a keen interest in science, Newtonians can muddle through almost any situation. They can be misunderstood, but are highly intelligent.

Pegasus House

The house of Pegasus is one filled with romance, both in word and deed. They will sacrifice themselves for the good of a country or a greater goal. They are also light on their feet, so be wary of their winged quickness.

Performance Opportunities

Harlaxton Manor provides a magnificent venue for musical and dramatic performances. Some opportunities include the Harlaxton Collegiate Choir, theatre and drama groups established by the students themselves, and informal small music groups for players on an intermediate level or above (students are encouraged to bring their own instrument where possible, although loan instruments may be available). During the semester, the Student Experience Office often hosts karaoke nights, open mic nights, or a talent show for more opportunities to showcase student talent.

Sports and Fitness

With its very own Sports Hall for students to use, staying active while studying abroad is easy at Harlaxton. Facilities include a full size basketball court (also for soccer, volleyball, etc.), cardio floor, and weight room.

Outdoor sports and recreation are also widely available at Harlaxton. On Harlaxton's doorstep are many walking, running, and hiking routes within the picturesque Lincolnshire countryside. Bicycles are also available for student and faculty use to further explore the area. Students are encouraged to explore traditional UK sports like cricket, rugby, and croquet while at Harlaxton.

For those wishing to play competitive sports while studying abroad, Harlaxton offers this opportunity through its "Lions" Basketball and Soccer (or football when in the UK) teams. Playing in the Lincolnshire leagues against local clubs and representing the Harlaxton Lions is both a challenging and enjoyable experience, and a chance to get a taste of competitive sport in Britain.