Resources at the Manor

Student Experience Office

While at Harlaxton, the team in the Student Experience Office provides support to the student community. Students are encouraged to work with the staff to create a Harlaxton experience that meets their needs. Staff members are available during regular working hours and one member of staff is on call at all times. The team facilitates the travel program, house competitions, community engagement portfolio, residence life, student organizations, and most of the campus activities. Their mission is to ensure that students have access to the essential elements of a successful Harlaxton experience.

Residence Life

Student rooms are located in the manor and the adjacent (one-minute walk) Carriage House. There are three residential floors in the manor and two in the Carriage House, and there are several shared bathroom and shower facilities on each floor. All rooms are furnished with beds, wardrobes, desks, chairs, and a sink. Bed linens and towels for each student are provided as well. Bulletin boards in each room allow students to make the room feel more like home by adding personal touches.

Because the size and shape of each room varies slightly due to the design of the buildings, the number of roommates may vary from one to four students per room. Responses from surveys completed during the application process are used to match roommates, and students find out their rooming assignments upon arrival at the manor.


Amenities in both the manor and Carriage House include laundry facilities, vending, and TV/lounge spaces. The Refectory dining service, health clinic, and Student Experience office are easily accessible to all residents, with a sports hall building on site, as well as walking trails within the 297 acres of surrounding gardens, parkland, woodland, and farmland.

Medical Care

Harlaxton College is committed to helping students keep well or recover quickly while they are here. A college nurse is available on site Monday through Thursday, and appointments can also be made with a local doctor just down the road. Students' mental health is also taken seriously, and a counselor is available on site once a week as well as by appointment or in an emergency.

In case of a medical emergency, ambulances staffed by paramedics can reach the college quickly for “home” visits and care or transfer students to the nearest hospital.

Disability Services

Harlaxton strives to be a leading provider in assisting students with disability accommodations. We encourage all students to inquire about the possibilities of studying at Harlaxton and how the Manor team can help make this a reality. Students attending Harlaxton can request accommodations through their institution's disability office and study abroad office. This should be done the semester prior to attending Harlaxton to give ample time to review requests and arrange accommodations. Only official requests will be considered.


The college Library supports the educational and research needs of the college community and is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Library occupies three rooms in the North Wing of the manor which originally housed the manor kitchens. The collection focuses on materials that are scholarly and curriculum-based, but also includes a fiction section, travel guides, and DVDs. Students benefit from being able to access the online journal databases provided by University of Evansville Libraries while studying at Harlaxton College.

The college Library catalogue is available online at: and further information about the Library, together with student support materials, is available at:


Harlaxton has up-to-date facilities and networking which make it easy for students to connect while at the manor. Most students bring their own laptops and other devices (e.g. phones, tablets) and connect directly to our campus wide wireless network (802.11 a/b/g/n), which provides coverage in all classroom, office, social, and residential spaces. The college also provides computer lab facilities and wireless printing in the Carriage House and manor. Students also have access to college laptops and projectors for classroom presentations.

The use of college resources is subject to acceptance of our Acceptable Use Policy, and use of the college wireless network is subject to acceptance of our Wireless Network Acceptable Use Policy.

eduroam Wi-Fi access at Harlaxton College

eduroam logo

eduroam is a secure wireless access service that allows staff to use their home institutions credentials to access wireless internet services at other member organizations. eduroam is available at locations around the UK and across the world.

eduroam services

Harlaxton College facilities both home and visitor services at Harlaxton Manor, Grantham, NG32 1AG

Connecting to eduroam

Harlaxton College staff should connect to eduroam using their network username and password. It is best to connect to eduroam Harlaxton College before attempting to use the service at other organizations. Visitors to Harlaxton College should contact their home IT support services if they have trouble connecting to eduroam. Once your association with your home institution has ended you must remove the eduroam profile from your devices.

Acceptable use policy

All users must abide by the eduroam Acceptable use policy.

Further information

More information about the eduroam service can be found on the eduroam website.