Archaeology Field School

July 3-August 2, 2023

Harlaxton College is delighted to host our second archaeological excavation on the grounds of the breath-taking Harlaxton Manor, after an exciting inaugural season in 2022, which will be featured on “Digging for Britain” (BBC program) and was considered “of national significance” in the UK.

Open to all, from beginners to experienced archaeologists, we are again aiming to provide the most inclusive and accessible archaeological field school in Britain, actively tailoring this program for any range of physical requirements and in support of mental health needs, while retaining a robust program of learning for even the most advanced students of archaeology.

This summer we’ll build on last year’s work, which was in agricultural fields around Harlaxton Manor, where we found numerous prehistoric tools, and in Harlaxton’s Walled Garden. As analysis continues, we hope to learn more about the significance of our findings and make decisions about the best next steps for us to take in 2023. We look forward to updating this page with more details as we plan for the future through our discoveries of the past!

The school will be offering a fully accessible academic training program and include a wide variety of archaeological excavation and survey techniques; from setting out trenches and learning how to correctly trowel, to understanding archaeological mapping and recording techniques. In addition to field-based learning, students have access to Harlaxton’s signature British Studies seminar with a leading professor and expert in the field.

Our mission is to create a field school that is as diverse a space as possible: a truly accessible program for students, members of the public, enabled archaeologists, professionals and veterans to engage with the dynamic history of Harlaxton Manor.

The field school will be offered in partnership with the University of Evansville, the Enabled Archaeology Foundation, and a range of local community history and archaeology societies.

Stay tuned for final pricing, schedules, and applications—to be announced by early September 2022!

    • Project Size: 1-24 participants
    • Length of Stay for Volunteers: From 1-day to 5-weeks
    • Experience Required: No experience is required. We aim to enable as many individuals interested in a field school in archaeology as possible, including both students who may opt to participate for professional / academic credit, and members of the public who are interested in learning more about the past and the profession. If you’ve always wanted to get involved in archaeology but have been turned away because of a disability, this is the place for you.
    • Accommodations and Inclusions: We will offer a variety of ways for people to join us in this field school, with options for day and short-stay visitors as well as US participants for a full study abroad experience! Final pricing and processes to be announced.
    • Academic Credit: US students are welcome to choose from three credit options: non-credit (experience building only) or 3 or 6-credits for ARCH395: Practicum in Archaeology. Please note that federal aid may only be available for students enrolled at half-time or greater (6-credits), but this must be arranged with the home institution’s financial aid office. All credit hours are transcripted by the University of Evansville, USA.
    • Contact: Get in touch with the Harlaxton admission team at or 812-488-2039