Harlaxton in Art and Film

The PBS Masterpiece television show Victoria filmed at Harlaxton Manor for the fifth episode of its second season. The episode premiered on 24 September 2017 in the UK and 28 January 2018 in the US. Victoria centers around Queen Victoria's early years on the throne, and it has received vast praise including Creative Arts Primetime Emmy Awards.

The cast and crew filmed at Harlaxton Manor in the summer of 2017. They used Harlaxton's front exterior, the Italian gardens behind the manor, and six rooms within the manor itself. Several Harlaxton staff members met stars of the show.

The episode entitled, “Entente Cordiale” involves Queen Victoria visiting a French chateau. The real Queen Victoria was the first British monarch to visit France since Henry VIII, and the episode was based on true events during her stay there. Since several of Harlaxton's rooms have French style elements, they were excellent backdrops for the story.