About Us

Current Semester Students and Faculty

Please address correspondence to:

Mailbox Number (see below)
Harlaxton College
Harlaxton Manor
Lincolnshire, NG32 1AG,
United Kingdom.

By Telephone

For students, please use the following number (it helps to pre-arrange the call):

Student Kiosk - Manor:
+44 (0) 1476 403050; then Option 2 followed by Option 1

Student Kiosk - Carriage House:
+44 (0) 1476 403050; then Option 2 followed by Option 2

By Email

All students and visiting faculty can be contacted via their normal email address.

Name Mailbox School E-mail
Adkins, Taylor 11 UE ta95@evansville.edu
Barnes, Ashley 12 Other-Pub ambarnes42@students.tntech.edu
Beaber, Katherine 13 UE kb309@evansville.edu
Bednowitz, Dana 14 UE db196@evansville.edu
Berry, James 1 UE jb74@evansville.edu
Berry, Linda 1 UE cadberry@wowway.com
Blain, Sarah 15 WSCU sarah.blain@western.edu
Brooks, Blake 16 UE bb193@evansville.edu
Carlton, Lindsey 19 MU(IN) lcarlton787@marian.edu
Carlton, Sara 20 MU(IN) scarlton887@marian.edu
Carson, Kelly 21 UE kc202@evansville.edu
Cotton, Andrew 22 UE ac267@evansville.edu
Davidson, Georgie 23 UE gd34@evansville.edu
Davidson, Rachel 24 UE rd96@evansville.edu
Dawson, Tara 25 UE td109@evansville.edu
Dillon, Madison 26 USI mldillon@eagles.usi.edu
Dowd, Samuel 27 UE sd154@evansville.edu
Elger, Alexander 28 UE ae114@evansville.edu
Fassiotto, Casey 29 WSCU casey.fassiotto@western.edu
Flauto, Joseph 2 UE jf33@evansville.edu
Franklin, Ashton 30 USI akfranklin@eagles.usi.edu
Garcia Fernandez, Thalia 31 WSCU thalia.garcia@western.edu
Ghekas, Jennifer 32 WJC ghekasj@william.jewell.edu
Gieselman, Tamara 3 UE tg85@evansville.edu
Googer, Georgia 33 YHC gegooger@yhc.edu
Graninger, Robert 34 UE rg108@evansville.edu
Grant, Brian 35 UE bg114@evansville.edu
Hansen, Dallas 36 WSCU dhansen0217@yahoo.com
Harness, Sarah 37 UE sh287@evansville.edu
Hickey, Gabrielle 38 UE gh54@evansville.edu
Ingram, Allison 39 WKU allison.ingram568@topper.wku.edu
Jakubaitis, Jessica 40 UE jj161@evansville.edu
Karp, Michelle 41 UE mk224@evansville.edu
Koop, Sophia 42 WSCU sophia.koop@western.edu
Lahee, Charissa 43 UE cl143@evansville.edu
Lee, Tyler 44 WSCU tyler@gunnison.com
Leighton, Kayla 45 USI kjleighton@eagles.usi.edu
Litchfield, Robert 46 UE rl86@evansville.edu
Logsdon, Rogan 47 UE rl85@evansville.edu
Macik, KayCee 48 TWU kmacik@twu.edu
Mc Gill, Keely 49 USI krmcgill@eagles.usi.edu
Meny, Blake 50 UE bm206@evansville.edu
Miller, Sierra 51 UE sm350@evansville.edu
Monroe, Mattie 52 Other-Pub mkmonroe42@students.tntech.edu
Nelson, Kevin 4 WSCU knelson@western.edu
Plikuhn, Mari 5 UE mp168@evansville.edu
Plikuhn, Eric 5 UE eric@plikuhn.com
Plocek, Everett 53 UE ep102@evansville.edu
Powell, Aaron 54 UE ap199@evansville.edu
Rabs, Rachel 55 UE rr133@evansville.edu
Rodd, Alexander 56 UE ar285@evansville.edu
Schulte, MicKayla 57 UE ms604@evansville.edu
Shafer, Elizabeth 59 Other-Priv shafere@xavier.edu
Shafer, Olivia 58 UE os20@evansville.edu
Smith, Lauren 60 TWU lsmith38@mail.twu.edu
Tenbarge, Christa 61 USI cjtenbarge1@eagles.usi.edu
Thomas, Kaitlyn 62 UE kt113@evansville.edu
Thompson, Katie 63 WSCU katie.thompson@western.edu
Verner, Rachel 64 UE rv44@evansville.edu
Vickrey, Megan 65 UE mv71@evansville.edu
Whelan, Mary 66 UE mw249@evansville.edu
Wilson, Gregory 6 UE gw3@evansville.edu
Winely, Lauren 67 UE lw165@evansville.edu
Winstead, Sydney 68 UE sw228@evansville.edu
Wolf, Meredith 69 Other-Pub meredithwolf.hbg3@gmail.com
Wright, Meagan 70 Other-Pub meagan.wright@ttu.edu
Wright, Brittney 18 UE bw180@evansville.edu
Yaeger, Taylor 71 Other-Pub tayloreyaeger@gmail.com